Guided nature walk

An active, conversational walk in a nurturing, green park environment nearby.
The refreshing energy of this specific environment can ease stress surprisingly well. A shift occurs from the mind to the physical body, enabling us to distract from certain preoccupations and opening unexpected paths of mindful exploration. Combined with intuitive guidance and the possible use of natural elements as a bridge for natural reconnection, certain small, but powerful mental (or even lightly physical) exercises (no workout!) might be proposed to further resolve blocked energies and enhance conscious awareness of body, time and place. The conversations can go in any direction, but the focus remains on emotional tension release.

The result of these walks can be profound: remarkable physical and mental rehabilitation in a short time-frame, triggering powerful emotional decision-making processes, reconnection with the physical-emotional self and the environment, renewed and enhanced intentions and motivation,…  

The duration of the walk can be either 2h or 3h, to be chosen in advance. We welcome each other and say goodbye at the entrance of the park.

For additional info or application, please send your request to:
info @