We offer 3 main modalities of support or co-creation: 1-on-1 coaching, sparrings sessions and focus weekends. Each of these modalities have a distinct orientation, serving a very specific purpose.

1-on-1 coaching
1h-2,5h sessions focussing on pure emotional support & regeneration.
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* Private consultation – in our practice – 1h-1h20
* Guided nature walk – green environment, pro-active, strongly regenerating – 1,5h-2,5h
* Online support – video call, quick availability, mobile – max. 1h

Sparring sessions
3h sessions focussing on creative or innovative concept development, business or personal management and strategic planning and implementation. Please select an option below for detailed description.
* Concept development   – co-creation and implementation for innovative and creative ideas
* Remote intervention   – neutral or preferred location   –   coaching in momentum
* Ideology walk  – in-depth vision, mission, strategy – philosophical, sociological reflection and innovation

Focus Weekends
2 days of seclusion in a calming and natural environment for hyper-focussed and extensive redefinition, retargetting and revitalisation of ones professional, social or private life goals.
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