Remote intervention

These sessions are specifically proposed when a sense of urgency and limited time or transport modalities are prevalent. The meetings usually take place in a neutral, easily accessible, but still calm and confidential place of your preference, according to your schedule. A hotel lounge, after-hours office environment or a private home context are suitable examples.

The location itself and the subject/direction of the meeting is suggested by you as a client. Whether you need a refined negotiation or handling strategy, struggle with dilemma before an important professional or personal event or just prefer the fluidity and anonymity of this coaching modality, the remote intervention option might work well.

Please note that this service is exclusively reserved for executive profiles or ‘leaders‘ in their field. An apparent need for privacy and efficiency should be present, accompanied by a sense of urgency. The applicant will only be allowed to the service after initial contact of at least 1h and when eligibility criteria are met. Transportation cost will be added to the standard rate.

For additional info or application, please send your request to:
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