Ideology walk

In analogy with Steve Jobs’  garden walks, these meetings occur in a calming, beautiful, natural  setting with the aim of sparking creativity and iterate with a philosophical, introspective and authentic reflection on larger, often long-term creative visions or ideologies. This highly-inspirational walks can form the basis for profound or high-impact management strategies and orientation or sow the seeds for true innovative and powerful product, service or skill development. The insights gained here might evoke tremendous inspiration and motivation with a long-lasting imprint.

Hemisphere has no interest in retrieving equity share for the ideas generated in the sessions, neither will it claim intellectual property of any kind, unless it is proposed. Creativity, concepting and implementation support is what we’re at.  

As with all inspiration walks, we meet and say goodbye at the entrance gate of the park. In advance, consent was made on the duration of the walk. There is a 2h or 3h option, with a recommendation for the latter, which allows us to reach core essences often in a single session.

For additional info or application, please send your request to:
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