Focus Weekend

The purpose of this extended coaching team-up is full detachment from the regular working or family habitat, regenerating in a nurturing and qualitative environment and work in a hyper-focused way on re-iterating a renewed (business or personal) strategy from the ground up with targeted objectives and extended implementation strategies.

This 2-day work ‘seminar’ is for people:
– who struggle in rather critical conditions, for example: management at the verge of burn-out, personal or corporate crisis situations, existential or threatening life issues,…
– people who want to conceptualize and deploy an extensive new, refined and future-proof innovation strategy, build cohesively on highly creative ideas and crystalized into a long-term, laser-focused plan of execution.

The orientation of the focus-weekend can be twofold: personal/restorative or strategic/target-driven. A suitable location for the stay will be presented aligned with and supporting one of the 2 described perspectives. The arrangements are proposed as all-inclusive, except for out-of-schedule consumptions and transportation.

To allow a ‘seminar’ to reach its objectives, the full overview of the position, situation and circumstances of the initial request need to be present. Prior contact for this assessment is required, before any further steps are undertaken.

Please inquire, apply or request more detailed info at:
info @