Concept development

This form of meeting is a pro-active, creative co-creation session with a timed duration of 3h. The intention is to brainstorm, generate or ideate on innovative ideas to push yourself, your product or services into a rewarding up-cycle. We focus less on emotional side of things, more on forward iteration, implementation strategy and follow-up of ongoing transition processes.

This can be far-reaching, whether you want to work on a long-term, strategic and refined business or personal plan or want to take the lead in terms of innovation or performance, the foundational work can take place in this context. Prepared and customized reference tools or work sheets will be provided to assist or direct processes like corporate innovation, workforce transformation, revaluation of career or reputation or building professional success.

Successful transitions unfortunately never happen overnight. They are the result of hard work, refined awareness, strategy and planning, undistracted focus, empathy and disciplined persistence. This is the reason why we would recommend planning a series of sessions in advance with a frequency assessed in mutual consent. The results grow exponentially over time. Creativity is the main driver for authentic innovation and might ignite profound disruption, whether it be on a personal or high business level.

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