Hemisphere coaching is the consultancy practice of Ken Christiaens (°1977, BE). Equiped with a deep sense of intuition and understanding , he’s able to accurately recognize and define the blocking factors reducing one’s energetic and synergetic ‘output’ in life, whether it be in a professional, personal or family-related environment.

Faced with some childhood hardship, he naturally developed an independent spirit from an early age on, venturing in the fields of creativity and personal development in his educational years. He acquired a master degree in the arts, complemented with studies in audiovisual design, engineering and business development, after which he gained a certain proficiency in coordinating and conceptualizing quite complex artistic-technical projects, both on a national and international level.

After a life-altering experience at the age of 29, his focus shifted more towards the field he feels most comfortable with: helping others to reach the best version of themselves. To further professionalize his practice, he ventured into the study of therapeutical hypnosis and started to coach people on an increasingly regular basis. He learned to recognize and admire the immense complexities of the human nature and, in a later stage, the correlations between the (sub)conscious mind and the ‘physical-emotional’ body, from which all our behaviour, sentiments and actions originate.

As a progression of his experience and research, he became physically and emotionally aware of the tremendous impact a certain circumstance within a specific environment has on an individual’s or a group’s behaviour & response. It was only a small step for him to extrapolate this vision into the sociological and inevitable political domain. In the heights of the recent economic (and humanistic) crisis, he felt an increasing urge to educate and support people with transitioning towards an increasingly technology-driven, fast-paced and – changing social context & civilization.

At this point in 2015, he founded ICON-Brussels, an quite influential, unique and rather successful innovative platform for training and education, where people could learn to develop their creative and empathic skills, while getting trained in latest contemporary technologies, like Virtual/Augmented Reality, 3D Design & Printing, Media Arts, etc. This allowed him to reach out and collaborate with a diverse range of clients, ranging from young enthusiasts and students, over acclaimed artists and scientists, art-curators and business leaders up to international NGO’s and high-level EU-institutions.

His position as a general manager made him knowledgeable in the domains of contemporary entrepreneurship and business development (in all its diversity), managing larger groups of people, staying upfront in the field of technological innovation and became somewhat of a thought leader in terms of innovation and social transformation.

Realizing the scope of ICON was too wide and stressful to maintain on the long-run, Ken decided to wind it down in 2018, keeping only the matters that concerned him most and lie closest to his heart: to sustain and support people to become the best version of themselves. His wide, multidimensional scope, sensitive and empathic approach and his truly pioneering, creative spirit can help people to regain, maintain or improve their considerate professional, social or familiy-related status and/or personal responsibilities.

A warm welcome to Hemisphere Coaching.

“Seeing and feeling the gratitude in the eye of a companion and the sense of authentic communication on an emotional level, is what fulfills my heart the most.”

– Ken Christiaens –