Private consultation

In-depth conversation to primarily offer security and emotional release through dedicated and involved identificationdecomposing of complex internal andexternal blocking factors and promoting self-awareness by suggesting unexpected or alternative viewpoints or angles. All personal aspects related toemotional struggle are welcome: doubtguildanxietyemotional burden/stressachingdepressed feelingsinner conflictunder- or overexposure,relaxation/sleep difficulty

The consultations are always in mutual consentbuild further on the proposed themes and happen generally once every 1-3 weeks. They have a length between 1h and 1h20, depending on the time needed to reach conclusion and they will gradually improve self-worthemotional resistance and create hope and renewed perspectives from an early stage on. In the longer run, you will be able to reconnect with your inner flame and original purposelearn to care and protect what you hold dear and find true gratification in life by sharing it with others.

On certain occasions, I might not be the ideal person to assist you. In this case, I will refer to another professional practitioner more suitable for the support you need. 
For more info or application, please send your request to:

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