During this unusual time, we provide online coaching support for people living and working in complex circumstances. For this service, please contact: & do leave your phone number. We will get back to you within our earliest convenience.


Hemisphere is a regarded advisory and coaching practice for people who want to sustain or strengthen their personal or professional leadership skills. We focus on restoring one’s energetic balance, refine personal intentions, enhance creativity and support uneasy transition processes in order to achieve greater impact and strengthened positioning in your personal or professional life.

Within a protected and integer setting, Hemisphere proposes an individual offer of emotion-centred consultations, inspiration and creativity enhancing work sessions and strongly reorienting coaching trajectories, which aims to meet the needs and requirements of progressive, socially-oriented and responsible people, who might be susceptible to strong waves of pressure within the current social context.

Hemisphere stimulates self-confidence, creativity and innovation in a unique way by combining refined analysis, strong problem-solving capacity and focus on efficiency and clear purpose, without ever losing sight of human sensitivity. We strive to support and guide you in the most authentic, timely and respectful way, so that you become better protected and armed to distinguish yourself in the most balanced, healthy and natural way.

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Hemisphere values:

  • 100% discrete and honest
  • Involvement and availability
  • Emotional safety
  • Accuracy and focus
  • Inspiration and creativity